How To: Use a machete modified with a "scandi" edge

Use a machete modified with a "scandi" edge

On this video from Bushcraft Machete, he explains the purpose of a scandi edge and how to use it. He uses the machete as a planer, stripping the bark from a log by holding the machete almost flat against the log and tapping the back of the blade with a stick. He explains that a scandi edge is sharpened all the way down to a point and has a very low angle. This type of edge makes the machete useful for carving off thin strips of wood. He has sharpened his machete with a scandi edge near the handle, and a convex edge closer to the point, so the machete can be used for different purposes. Utilizing the scandi edge, he uses his machete as a woodworking tool to produce clean edges when cutting and carving wood. If you create a scandi edge on the lower part of your machete, it becomes a versatile woodworking tool.

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