How To: Put on a backpack properly

Put on a backpack properly shows viewers how to put on a hiking backpack properly in this video. To begin, take the straps in both of your hands. Bend your knees, and keep your back straight. In this stance, pick the backpack up and set it on one of your legs, just above the knee. Put the arm that is on the same side of the body as the leg your backpack is resting on through the backpack strap. Put the backpack on your back, then put your other arm through the corresponding strap. Adjust the belt that sits on your waist. The backpack will be very heavy, and the belt will take some of the weight off of your shoulders and onto your waist. If your backpack has a chest strap, tighten it against your chest, but be sure not to tighten it so much as to obstruct your breathing. This will also take some weight off of your shoulders and distribute it in other areas (your chest, in this case). Another way to take some weight out of one place is to use walking/hiking poles. This takes stress off of your knees.

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