How To: Pack a backpack for mountaineering

Pack a backpack for mountaineering

The video demonstrates how you should pack to be fully equipped and prepared for a backpacking trip that lasts 2-3 days. Gather all of your equipment including clothes, food, water, climbing gear, emergency kit, sleeping back, and more. When you start to pack, you want to make your center of gravity is very low so pack your heavier items near your back and lighter ones that aren’t required immediately during your trip such as your sleeping bag at the bottom of the backpack. Also remember that you don’t want to place sharp items such as your climbing gear toy close to your back because that may cause injury. Place water bottles in the inner pockets near your back inside the backpack as well as the pockets outside the backpack. This will ensure you will always have water readily available. For the very top portion of the backpack, pack things that you know you may need at all times like you lunch, knife, or kitchen equipment. Having these items here will allow for them to be more accessible to you. The top of your backpack usually has extra compartments for storage. You should use those pockets for items such as gloves and caps in case it gets chilly. Place your tent on top of your bag, your snow shovel and picket on the side of the backpack under straps, and your pads under straps located in the very back of the backpack.

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