How To: Use a machete

Use a machete

See the angled edge of the blade? This is the bevel angle. Match this to the face of the whetstone. For a clever-like tool like a machete, this should be at a high angle--15 to 25 degrees.

Apply moderate pressure and draw the blade across the stone. Do this so the blade moves away from you for safety. Do first one side, then the other, giving each 12 to 20 strokes.

Clean and oil the machete after use. Since you will be using it to cut a lot of wet plants with woody pulp, the finish won't last long and the blade will soon become prone to rust.

Machete Use and Care

Start from a position parallel ton and outside of, what you want to cut down. You should never have to loop your wrist and arm far outside the target.

Lead with the elbow and cut down at an angle.

Flick with the wrist at the last moment.

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