How To: Take care of leather hiking boots

Take care of leather hiking boots

Wade Bourne of shows you how important it is to take care of leather hiking boots.

Leather boots are expensive, and they should be treated like an investment. This means giving them proper care to extend their life and receive the greatest use and value for your dollars spent. Here are tips on how to care for leather boots to extend their useful service.

Never dry boots in front of a fireplace or heater or in a warm oven. Doing so cooks natural oils out of the leather, leading to cracking and premature failure. Instead, dry at room temperature or use low-heat electric boot driers that go inside the boots.

Keep leather boots clean. As mud dries on leather, it draws out oils and waterproofing chemicals, which causes cracking and loss of waterproofness. The best way to clean leather boots is to hose excess mud off and use a soft bristle brush to get mud out of the cracks and seams.

Treat non-waterproof leather boots regularly with leather treatment (mink oil, Neats Foot Oil, etc.) to preserve natural oils and softness.

Again, leather boots are tough and will provide long-lasting service if cared for properly. Follow the simple steps listed above to keep leather boots fresh and functional.

Take care of leather hiking boots

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